"Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might."

Ephesians 6:10 KJV

About Us.

The story begins.

Witnessing Sound, rooted at Universitas Advent Indonesia (UNAI) in Bandung, Indonesia, began its journey as a vocal ensemble in 2000, aiming to find a name that resonated with their essence. After extensive discussions, the ensemble unanimously settled on Witnessing Sound (WS), a name that perfectly encapsulated their identity. This decision was formalized on February 21, 2001, as Witnessing Sound became their official title, symbolizing much more than mere words. It signified their commitment to being a voice that witnesses and shares profound stories about God through the medium of music.

Since then, Witnessing Sound has grown into a vibrant choir. Always moving forward, focused on getting better and making beautiful music. They're on the lookout for UNAI students who are eager to share their talents and voices, making Witnessing Sound a welcoming place where everyone grows while making a real difference through choral music.

The story continues.

As many of the members of the Witnessing Sound Choir from Universitas Advent Indonesia (UNAI) in Bandung ventured into Jakarta after graduated, something special took shape. They came together once again, forming an alumni choir known as the Witnessing Sound Alumni Choir (WSAC).

Over time, this choir expanded beyond its alumni roots, welcoming members who didn't attend UNAI in Bandung. As it grew and evolved, they decided to rebrand themselves as the "Voice of Witness," a name that reflected the diverse backgrounds of its members while preserving the essence of their musical journey. See www.vowchoir.com

Join us as we testify God's love & glory through music!